Cushing Post Office hours may be reduced to four

Delivery service will not be affected

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Little Falls Postmaster John Korf and Holdingford Postmaster Sue Trocke said retail hours for the Cushing Post Office would more than likely be reduced to four hours a day, Monday through Friday. Saturday’s hours would remain 8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Residents with a Cushing address were sent a survey which contained options on the future of the Cushing Post Office. Of the 745 surveys sent, 278 were returned.

The results of the survey were:

• Seventy-two percent (201) wanted a realignment of hours;

• Eleven percent (31) wanted expanded delivery;

• Ten percent (27) wanted to change to a nearby post office;

• Four percent (10) did not make a selection; and

• Three percent (9) liked the idea of a village post office.

The meeting was held at the Scandia Valley Town Hall with input from the approximately 50 residents taken into consideration. A final decision will be made available in about a week.

Lobby hours would not be affected, nor would the access to post office boxes.

“We would like to see the lobby open 24 hours, if possible,” said Trocke.

A village post office is one within another business. It would offer stamps and take care of some packages.

“If any business wants to open a village post office, let us know,” said Korf.

Delivery to postal patrons in the Cushing area will remain the same.

Several years ago, the United States Post Office said it needed to reduce its spending and felt its only option was to close many of the smaller post offices in the country. People came up with  other ideas to save money such as combining post offices or shortening hours.

“The post office actually listened,” said Trocke.

Trocke is in charge of post offices changes in the 562, 563 and 564 zip code areas. So far, she has realigned about 58 offices, beginning in November 2012.

The current Cushing Postmaster Jim Walker will be taking a job in Verndale and a non-career person will take over his job. The Motley Post Office’s postmaster will be in charge of the Cushing office.

“These realignments will save the postal service approximately $500 million nationally,” said Trocke.