Upsala audit correcting past mistakes

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer


The annual audit currently being conducted in the city of Upsala has brought attention to some account discrepancies.

“There is an apparent clerical error that happened in 2011,” said City Clerk/Treasurer Adrian Welle. “It looks like numbers were just entered wrong.”

“There is no money missing,” said Mayor Rollie Johnson. “The accounts are just not balancing.”

The receivable amount listed in the general fund is a combined $63,412, Welle said.  But when the payable amounts listed in the other two funds are added, the sum is not the same amount. The water fund shows as owing $53,981 and the sewer fund owes $18,945.

When asked by Council Member Dennis Westrich why this happened, Welle could only respond, “We don’t know.”

Welle also pointed out that there are currently three sewer funds in the city’s accounts.

Welle explained that the water fund does not contain enough money to give any portion of the discrepancy back to the general fund.

“My recommendation is to have the sewer fund pay the general fund the amount it owes and forgive the rest; just write it off,” Welle said.

Council Member Joan Olson agreed.

The Council voted unanimously to approve a motion to transfer $18,945 from the sewer fund into the general fund and to write the remainder off.

A review of the completed audit report is tentatively scheduled for the May 6 City Council meeting.