Let senior citizens live in dignity

To the Editor:

Someday we will all become seniors of our communities. We are living in a world of a “graying” society and we must welcome all our seniors. They need places to reside as their needs require. Seniors are everyone’s problem.

Seniors are not ready to be closed out of society. They have much wisdom to offer. Seniors have lived through extremely hard times and the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Seniors shouldn’t be hurried into nursing homes. Let them live in dignity. Let them become the part of society that allows all our citizens to proudly grow older.

They do not wish to be included in a group of persons that are thrown together just because they are older.

Foster care homes for the elderly is the solution. It is not a home to be checked into to die; rather, you wait your turn to get into so you can live.

I am a senior of 85 years of age and qualified to tell everyone how it feels being an older person.

I am the older person. — Millie J. Chandler, Randall