Little Falls man charged with domestic assault

Aaron Charles Lunberg, 40, Little Falls, was charged March 29, with one felony count of domestic assault by strangulation and one misdemeanor count of domestic assault, intentionally inflicting bodily harm, by Morrison County Attorney Brian Middendorf and his staff.

The victim of the assault told police Lunberg, who she shares a residence with, would not let her leave the house on the morning of March 27. He allegedly strangled her and she showed the officer marks on her arms, forehead, neck and legs.

When the police confronted Lunberg at his residence, he told the officer that the victim was off her medications and was crazy. He was placed under arrest.

In a formal statement, the victim allegedly said Lunberg was intoxicated when they got into an argument. She said he pushed her down on the bed, straddled her and held her arms above her head. According to the criminal complaint, the victim said Lunberg slapped her four or five times and poked at her forehead and eyes for about a minute.

When she got off the bed and went to the couch, she said Lunberg continued to yell at her. When she would not respond, he allegedly began choking her. He said she could not leave until they figured out the problem with their cell phones.

The victim managed to get away and ran to the police department.

In a statement to the police, Lunberg allegedly denied the assault, but did admit to grabbing and poking the victim. He said he was pretty strong and did not know his own strength and said he may have caused the bruises on her arms, legs and face.

If convicted, Lunberg faces a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment and/or a $5,000 fine.