Minnesota Fishing Museum and Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota announce merger

The Minnesota Fishing Museum, located in Little Falls, and The Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota, located in Brainerd, have agreed in principal to a merger of the two institutions. Both organizations share a rich history of celebrating the traditions of sport fishing, and supporting further education of the sport with the youths of Minnesota.

“The synergies of the two organizations are remarkable, and together provide a complete

archive of the State of Minnesota contributions to the sport felt throughout North America,” said Mavis Buker, executive director for the Minnesota Fishing Museum. “It’s really exciting to bring the two organizations together with a shared a passion, vision and combined energies.”

Scott Mitchell, principal of Adventure Advertising that serves as director of the Fishing

Hall of Fame of Minnesota states that both organizations are debt free and will continue to keep their own identity. “Our vision is to soon share physical space in the Little Falls area, creating a premier destination for families to visit as part of their outdoor Lakes Area experience. Together, this facility will be one of the best freshwater fishing education experiences in the country for both youth and adults,” Mitchell said.

“Since both organizations are 501c3 non-profits, the merger process will be

approached and completed in full compliance with all non-profit regulations, and be

officially called The Minnesota Fishing Museum and Hall of Fame Education Center,” said Buker.

Both organizations will stay committed to supporting, preserving and recognizing the state’s fishing community, promoting a continued appreciation of the sport and its heritage.