Pierz garbage/recycling rates to increase

By Terry Lehrke, News Editor

It’s been three years since the residents in the city of Pierz saw an increase in their garbage/recycling collection rates.

Effective Nov. 1, those rates will be a bit higher over the next three years, as the Pierz City Council approved a three-year contract at a 3 percent increase, Nov. 1 through Oct. 31, 2016, with Pierz Sanitation.

The contract has drive-by fees paid to Pierz Sanitation increasing from $4.60 to $4.75, while recycling fees will remain at $2.90 per month.

While Pierz Sanitation takes care of the refuse/recycling pick-up and delivers it to the Morrison County Landfill, the city takes care of billing residents and other administrative costs.

To recoup those costs, the city will bill residents an extra 25 cents a month ($5 instead of $4.75) for garbage collection and an extra 10 cents a month ($3 instead of $2.90)  for recycling.

The Council decided to reduce the price of city garbage bags from $3 each to $2.50 each. These bags are mostly used by those who do not generate enough garbage to fill a 60-gallon can provided by the city.

One thing that will not change is the fact that residents will continue to have to divide their recyclables, as opposed to just putting all recyclables together.

If the city does not require the separated recyclables, it will cost residents more, as Pierz Sanitation will have to pay more at the landfill.

“We’re happy with the way they’re (Pierz Sanitation) doing things,” said Council Member Stephanie Fyten. “What we’re paying for recycling is a steal.”