Council votes to amend Pierz dog license ordinance

All dog licenses to be renewed July 1 of each year

By Terry Lehrke, News Editor

Dogs in most cities must be licensed, which protects residents from animals who are not properly vaccinated and helps identify those animals that are pets and those that are strays.

A licensing policy also protects an animal and its owner, as a pet can be returned to its owner should it get lost.

To help keep track of dog licensing in Pierz, the Pierz Council voted to have all dog licenses and license renewals due at the same time — July 1, effective this year.

This will make it easier not only for the city staff, but for police officers enforcing the city’s ordinance and for pet owners, since they will all have the same licensing time frame.

Currently, a dog license is good for one year from the date it is purchased, creating license renewals every month. It makes it difficult for city staff to send out reminders and often difficult for a pet owner to remember when to have the license renewed.

City Administrator Anna Gruber has ordered new licensing tags as well.

Accommodations will be made for those pet owners who move into the city or get a pet during a different month.

“If a person moves in May, we will issue licenses with everyone renewing on or before July 1,” she said. “But if they move here in January, for example, we will prorate licenses and basically use common sense discretion and then try to get them on the same July 1 schedule as everyone else.”

Pet owners will be sent a reminder to renew their licenses in July.

“It’s the same thing as liquor licensing actually,” she said. “If you buy a bar in April, you will have to have a new liquor license for April to June 30 and then apply again for July 1 – June 30.”

The cost to license a dog remains the same at $10 per year, with the city providing a license tag. Should an owner delay in renewing their license, the fee is doubled.

For more information, contact Pierz City Hall at (320) 468-6471.