Lagou charged with theft of a vehicle

Denise Ethyl Lagou, 49, Little Falls, was charged April 9, with one felony count of theft by the Morrison County attorney’s office.

On Feb. 28, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a stolen 1996 Chevrolet Corsica.

The victim was storing numerous vehicles, horses and other items at Lagou’s place on 145th Street in exchange for helping her around the property. He said she had recently requested he move his belongings off the property and he was in the process of doing so. When he came to get the Corsica, it was missing.

According to the criminal complaint, Lagou told the victim she did not know what had happened to the vehicle and that it must have been stolen.

Contacting local salvage businesses, the victim found his car at the Highway 27 Auto Salvage. The owner of the business said Lagou requested he take the vehicle off her property and he paid her $175 for the car.

The sheriff’s deputy contacted Lagou and asked if she know what had happened to the Corsica. She allegedly said she did not. The deputy then asked her if she was familiar with the Highway 27 Salvage business and she said she was not.

Allegedly, Lagou eventually admitted she sold the victim’s Corsica to the salvage yard for $175.

If convicted, Lagou faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.