Royalton 2013-2014 school calendar approved

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer


After extensive discussion, the Royalton School Board approved the 2013-2014 school calender as proposed by the administration, with one amendment.

While Director Dale Lenz advocated supporting the administration’s recommended calendar without any changes, Director Jim Block, Chair Michelle Carlson and Director Jeff Swenson encouraged that the calendar be amended to make April 21 (Easter Monday) a snow makeup day, if one is needed at that point in the school year.

“We build more inservice days into our calendar than districts typically do,” said Elementary Principal Dr. Phil Gurbada. “With all the changes and new things occurring in education, investing in professional development increases the quality of instruction that occurs during the other days. There’s a real advantage to making that kind of investment.”

While other possible snow makeup days were considered, including extending student days into the month of June, no other changes were recommended.

Lenz voted no on the final motion.

“When the school year is confined between Labor Day and Memorial Day, it’s hard to make it come out perfectly,” said Gurbada. “It was not done without thought; there are trade-offs.”