Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

April 5 — A resident on 83rd Street in Royalton reported a burglary.

April 5 — A resident on North Cedar Street in Royalton reported a scam wherein the resident applied for a $3,500 loan over the phone to a company called Cash Advance USA out of New York. The resident was asked to pay a $178 deposit via a money order and when the money order was received by the company, the $3,500 would be deposited in the resident’s bank account. The money was never deposited and the company, which now has the resident’s banking account information, refuses to take the resident’s calls.

April 5 — A resident on Sycamore Road in Hillman reported a theft.

April 5 — A resident on Forest Hill Lane in Swanville reported someone stole their aluminum-colored Macbook computer from the residence.

April 10 — A resident on Ash Avenue in Lastrup reported someone had stolen one of their checks and used it.

April 12 — A resident reported a break-in at a home on Balcony Road in Swanville. The door on the east side of the garage had been broken into. The door lock had been damaged and the door kicked in, but nothing appeared to be stolen.

April 13 — A resident on 233rd Street in Randall reported damage had been done to their property.

April 14 — A business on Highway 115 in Little Falls reported someone damaged a door and a window pane and frame.

April 16 — A resident on Main Street in Upsala reported a fraudulent check had been made out on her account.