Kutter has felony theft charges dismissed; ordered to pay restitution

Alison Kristen Kutter, 41, Randall, was convicted in Morrison County District Court May 2, with one gross misdemeanor count of taking or transferring property without consent. She had one felony count of taking or transferring property and three felony counts of theft by swindle dismissed against her.

In October 2011, the theft of money was reported by the Knight Elementary Association (KEA) account. At that time, it was believed the treasurer, Kutter, was the one stealing the money.

Officials met with a police officer to go over the questionable transactions. They included:

• A check written for $1,500 in cash Feb. 2, 2010. Kutter said it was for reimbursement, but another check had covered that amount;

• A check written July 14, 2010 to Kutter for $315.60;

• A check written Oct. 18, 2010, to Kutter for $925.25. Another check had already been written for that amount to a publishing company; and

• Money withdrawn from the checking account Aug. 29, 2011 totalling $1,000. Kutter claimed it was for an expense, but that expense did not occur until the next month.

The total amount taken from the account came to $3,740.85.

Kutter met with law enforcement Oct. 18, 2011, and gave explanations for the transactions which were refuted by KEA officials.

Kutter was sentenced to three days in jail with 362 days stayed for two years, fined $135, ordered to pay restitution of $3,740.85 and given two years of probation.

Assistant District Attorney Todd Kosovich said the felony charges against Kutter were dismissed because she plead guilty to gross misdemeanor theft and immediately paid the $3,740.85 restitution which was the total for all the original charges combined.