Lyme disease seminar scheduled for Tuesday, May 21

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

Chris and Lisa Taylor will be offering a seminar on Lyme disease at Highland Senior Living Center at 1012 Third Ave. Northeast in Little Falls Tuesday, May 21, at 6:30 p.m.

They, along with others, will be speaking on alternative choices for the prevention of Lyme disease, along with the relief of symptoms.

“We have been working with a Lyme disease support group in northern Morrison County,” said Chris. “We have learned that by boosting the immune system, it has helped relieve some of the joint and muscle pain and the skin conditions associated with the disease.”

The seminar will include information about protecting both people and pets from the tick-borne illness without the use of dangerous chemicals. Attendees will also hear testimonials, information from a member of the support group and learn about the different stages of Lyme disease.

“We will also talk about the foods people with Lyme disease should stay away from,” said Chris. “Our goal is to enlighten people who have Lyme disease and help others prevent it.”

There is a charge for the seminar and seating is limited. To reserve a spot, call (320) 630-2396.