Drug disposal now available in Randall

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

The Randall City Council voted to spend $695 on a Med Return Drug Collection Unit for City Hall.

Police Chief Charlie Strack said this will allow residents to drop off old, expired and unwanted medications conveniently.

“It will also reduce the number of break-ins we are seeing where the burglar is just looking for drugs,” he said. “It will also help keep medications out of the water supply by giving people an alternative to dumping their medications down the toilet.”

Strack said the program is sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Agency. The box is 54 inches tall, 22 inches wide and weighs 120 pounds.

The drop-off site will be secured and Strack will empty the contents regularly, bringing the medications to the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department.

Randall City Council briefs 

Other business conducted by the Randall City Council night included:

• Hearing from Councilman Ricky Turner the pot holes by OK Tire on Superior Avenue needs to be milled and redone. City Manager Jerry Peterschick said since the city would need to cover 75 percent of the cost to do Superior Avenue, the city needs to hold off for as long as possible;

• Learning Councilman Jerry Carter’s last day on the Council would be May 31. He and his wife, Carol, had possibly sold the Innsbrook Motel and that they were retiring and would be doing some traveling;

• Amending the city’s fence ordinance to include, “All fences must have a gate access onto the property. City personnel must have access to utility meters and emergency personnel must have access for safety issues;”

• Voting to accept the $416.81 quote from Breeze Carpet and Upholstery to clean the carpeting in the Municipal Liquor Store;

• Granting beer licenses for both the Randall Cushing Lions during its July 3 – 4 celebration and St. James August Fest, Aug. 10;

• Accepting donations from the Randall Cushing Lions ($1,000), Bob Riitters ($100) and the Randall VFW ($500) for the Disc Golf Course;

• Asking Police Chief Charlie Strack to patrol County Road 14, west of Highway 10, more often because of speeding complaints; and

• Approving the erection of a fence on the Jessica Nutz property.