Randall man sentenced to prison for car theft

Daryl Duane Breden, 42, Randall, was convicted May 8, of one felony count of motor vehicle theft in the Seventh Judicial District Court in Little Falls.

On Jan. 29, the Little Falls Police Department received a report of a vehicle stolen from Arby’s Restaurant. The owner was able to give a description of the person he saw driving his vehicle away.

The owner said he tried to catch him as he drove south on LeMieur Street, but was unable to.

The stolen vehicle was located near Fifth Avenue, south of Arby’s. With fresh snow, tracks were seen leading south.

An officer located Breden walking on 133rd Street. He was sweating and his pants were covered with snow. He denied stealing the vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle arrived and confirmed Breden was the person who stole his vehicle. Law enforcement matched Breden’s boots with the footprints in the snow.

Breden was sentenced to 26 months in prison and fined $135.