Two men charged with Swanville burglaries

Christopher David Wessman, 19, Long Prairie, and Adam Wayne Mortenson, 19, Swanville, were each charged May 13 with two felony counts of third degree burglary in the Morrison County District Court.

On April 10, a report of a burglary at the Swanville City Park was received by the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office. A deputy met with city officials who said someone entered the building by prying open a window.

Missing was about $200 from a small safe and between $15 – $20 in change from the jukebox.

While at the park building, another burglary was reported at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Swanville.

Missing was an iPod and a Century safe with about $300 cash and old baptism, marriage and other records.

While investigating those burglaries, the deputy received a report from Todd County that a vehicle had rolled over. The occupants in the vehicle, Wessman and Mortenson, were suspected in some burglaries in Todd County.

When the Morrison County deputies responded, they learned the two men were allegedly carrying bags containing a large amount of coins and cash. Also located was a handgun stolen from another Morrison County burglary.

Todd County officials obtained a search warrant for the vehicle and located a charging port consistent with an Apple iPod, a green bank bag with the words “Swanville State Bank” on it and a safe with the door pried off.

In a taped statement from Wessman, he allegedly said he and Mortenson drove to Swanville April 11, at 2 a.m., and that he dropped Mortenson off in town. He then drove around the city and later picked up Mortenson, carrying a safe, in an alleyway. The safe was brought back to Mortenson’s residence where they broke into the safe. The contents of the safe, specifically the five church books, were burned in a wood stove.

Wessman then allegedly told officers the two drove to Todd County where he again dropped Mortenson off at a residence. He drove around and that’s when he went into a ditch.

With a search warrant, officers searched Mortenson’s home. In a garage they found traces of materials from the broken safe, burnt paper in the wood stove, a solid round bar with traces of the safe on it and a fire poker also with traces of the safe on it.

Mortenson and Wessman are currently in the Todd County Jail. An arrest warrant has been requested.

If convicted, Mortenson and Wessman each face a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or $10,000 fine