Best education need not cost more

To the Editor:

The ECM Editorial Board’s April 21 editorial supporting raising taxes to fund early childhood education in spite of contradicting studies and explaining why, was certainly informative. I hope the ECM Editorial Board will also encourage/support additional education improvements that will not require tax increases, or explain why not.

For instance, will the ECM Editorial Board push equally hard for the opportunity/choice for every child in the state of Minnesota to be taught by the best teachers in the state of Minnesota? If not, why not?

As noted earlier, high school students across the state are taking college courses by computer/TV. The infrastructure is already available, so the cost would be negligible. Who objects to giving every student in the state of Minnesota the choice of the best teacher in the state of Minnesota when the cost is negligible and why do they object? Should only the wealthiest school districts have the best teachers? Why can’t they share the best teachers by computer/TV for all Minnesota students so choosing.

Isn’t this “a step to narrow the achievement gap between the have and have-not students”? Isn’t this a choice we all support, and if not, why not? — Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls