Everything is holy

By Greg Spofford

Hospice  “Everything is holy now” is the often repeated chorus of a beautiful song introduced to me by my good friend, Jim. The storyline within the verses is the reflection of a man who honors his early training within the religious context, but that now, his understanding at this time in his life, is how all of creation is sacred, or holy, in his life — literally everything.

Where the singer especially chooses to list various forms of nature, it begs the question regarding people. Are people holy?

My friend Jim and I have shared some wonderful leadership training experiences with young people — specifically teenagers. They have blown the stereotype that our world is going to be in big trouble when our young assume greater leadership roles within our society. I am happy to report that my experiences have revealed some very loving, caring, and spiritual young people — anxious to have the chance to make a difference in this world.

We have recently celebrated Mother’s Day, and we will be honoring fathers on Father’s Day soon. Why not make this entire summer a chance to acknowledge, encourage, and in gratitude — especially thank our young people.

We are told we are all made in the image and likeness of God. Just as everything is holy, “everyone” is holy.