Public asked to help fund improvements at Green Prairie Park

By Terry LehrkeNews Editor

The Green Prairie/Darling Park Board is asking for the public’s help to improve the park near the public access at Green Prairie Fish Lake.

Once owned by the city of Little Falls and for years known to residents as the “city beach,” the park, located on County Road 212, about five miles out of Little Falls, has served as a place for people in the surrounding area to gather during the summer months.

In 1992, the area was turned over to Green Prairie Township. The park is right in the middle of Green Prairie and Darling townships and the Darling Township Board was asked to share in the expense of maintenance.

The two townships have worked to not only maintain the area, but to add to it. A new fire pit has been added, concrete has been placed under the picnic table areas and the lawn area expanded. Every year, the townships try to update or add something new.

This year, the goal is to put in a permanent structure to include two handicapped-accessible bathrooms.

Cliff Segler, the supervisor and caretaker of the park, will construct the building out of masonry blocks.

“I am going to construct the building, donating my time, labor and skill, so it is a beautiful addition to the park,” said Segler. “I believe in doing these things because it is beneficial to our children and families in the community.”

The plan is to finish the project in June or July. “It would be nice for it to be done this year,” said Segler.

While Segler is donating the time and labor, the materials still need to be purchased for the project. Segler estimated the cost of materials to be about $8,000. While the township has some money, donations from area residents or businesses for the project would help.

“Together we can improve this park for the great recreation and fun families and kids of all ages deserve to have,” said Segler.

To donate, make checks payable to Green Prairie/Darling Park, and mail them to: Cliff Segler, 12779 Forest Road, Little Falls, MN 56345.

Donations will be put into a special fund for the construction of the bathroom structure. Should any funds be left over, they will be used for other improvements.

“I would like to get nice playground equipment out there too, for the kids,” Segler said.