Felony drug charges brought against two

Tanya Irene Ashby of Little Falls and Michael Allen Scheel of Rice were charged May 23, with felony drug crimes by Morrison County Brian Middendorf and his staff.

The Little Falls Police Department received information that Ashby, 38, and Scheel, 24, were going to a pharmacy to purchase a prescription for narcotics, a report similar to one received in April.

The officer located the vehicle and allegedly observed it nearly collide with another vehicle and stopped the vehicle.

Ashby was the driver and allegedly told the officer that after the Percocet prescription was obtained from the pharmacy, she and Scheel went back to her home. Ashby said Scheel gave her a pill, which she crushed and snorted. She also said the two each smoked a pill on a foil.

The officer allegedly found 12 Percocet pills in Scheel’s pocket, and his prescription for 240 Oxycodone 30 mg. tablets. The officer counted the pills, finding only 190, meaning 50 pills were missing. Scheel allegedly told the officer the other pills were at Ashby’s residence.

The officer spoke with Ashby, who allegedly admitted Scheel came to her asking for help in getting his prescription and that they used some and he left some at her home.

She allegedly showed the officer a number of drugs hidden in a bedroom closet, including a prescription vial with 25 Percocet tablets, another with a small ziplock baggie with five E712 tablets identified as Endocet, which contains Oxycodone and Acetaminophen. Also found were four Oxycodone tablets, none of which were prescribed to Ashby, as well as 10 small morphine tablets that were prescribed to Ashby. Also found, was a container with a baggie which contained methamphetamine, which Ashby said belonged to her roommate.

Ashby was charged with a felony fifth degree controlled substance crime and fifth degree possession. If convicted, she faces a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and/or a $10,00 fine.

Scheel was charged with felony third degree sale of a narcotic and third degree sale of possession. If convicted, he faces 20 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.