Little Falls ‘national champs’ make economics news again

We never get tired of mentioning to out-of-towners that Little Falls is home to the high school economic national champions.

This year’s team, Aaron Nilsen, Brian McNamara, Travis Spillum, Eric Schmidt and coach Tom Stockard, went to New York May 19 and brought home the trophy — again — in the small school David Ricardo Division.

That’s right. Little Falls repeated as champion in the National Economics Challenge for the second year in a row. In an excruciatingly close finals match, the Little Falls teams edged a team from Carmel, Ind.

For their efforts, the Little Falls team won an all-expense paid trip to New York City plus $1,000 in cash prizes.

Little Falls is developing quite a reputation for its economics team. It may not have the following of football, basketball or hockey, the popular spectator sports, but the economics team has been excelling statewide for a number of years. The one constant has been Stockard, who seems to have a knack for finding the best students and motivating them to excel.

Although economics is sometimes called the “dreary” science, it’s quite obvious that the nation needs more citizens with knowledge of economics. After all, it’s only through sound economics that nations, businesses and even households prosper.

We extend our congratulations to the national champions and thank them for the honor they have brought to the community. All seniors, their futures look bright. Not every resume has on it the phrase “National Champion.”

Those two words will serve them well no matter where life takes them.