Park on Green Prairie does the public good

To the Editor:

Recently the city of Little Falls denied donating funds to the Green Prairie/Darling Park on Green Prairie Fish Lake. Many residents from the surrounding areas come to enjoy the picnic area, volleyball, sandy beach and fire pit area. This park is kept clean and improving every day. We are in the process of trying to add a permanent bathroom building including handicapped facilities to the park.

A large percentage of people using this park are from Little Falls. Strangely enough the City Council decided not to donate to help construct the building, because their attorney says that it’s “not for the public good.”

This park is very busy every summer day — many days the parking lot is overflowing, demonstrating the number of people using it. People are having fun and spending time with friends and family. How can this not be “for the public good”? Anytime families and kids have a place to go and have quality time together is what we need more than anything.

It’s hard to believe the City Council is denying donating to this project to better our community. Where have morals of having a place to spend quality family time together gone? — Cliff Segler, caretaker of Green Prairie/Darling Park, Little Falls