Royalton water leak located adjacent to Hwy 10

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer


A water main leak survey was recently conducted in the city of Royalton by Water Conservation Service Inc. The survey included listening to all of the city’s hydrants to determine noise levels and suspected leaks.

Three suspected leaks were found: a hydrant leak near the Cedar Court water tower, a service leak on the homeowner’s side of a water meter on North Birch Street, and a curb stop leak at an unoccupied building on Highway 10.

A curb stop is a valve in the city water main with branches to individual water service sites.

Beneath the sidewalk in front of the building being used to advertise Screen Rooms Plus is a curb stop leaking water at the rate of 20 to 30 gallons per minute, said City Clerk Carol Madsen.

City Public Works Supt. Lee Popp applied for a 30-day permit to close one lane of Highway 10 so the repair could be made. The permit specifies that the repair must be made within the 30 days, by the end of June.

“The highway can’t be closed on weekends, and it can’t be closed on Mondays or Fridays,” said Council Member Al Libke. “That leaves three days.”

Three contractors were contacted and two bids were received for the repair. The Council approved a bid from Burski Excavating for $15,000. That amount does not include the cost of reapplying the asphalt surface, as the exact size of the patch is unknown.

Dates for the lane closure have not yet been determined.


Other business that came before the Royalton City Council Tuesday included:

• Approving the change of cell phone service for police and fire departments from Sprint to Verizon. “We’ve been having problems with dropped calls, no service in town, trouble with phones and not being able to contact the sheriff’s office while on calls,” said Chief of Police Adam Gunderson;

• Agreeing to preliminary conversations with Buckman Township about possibly providing fire and rescue service, which was done in the past;

• Approving animal permit applications from Wayne Harrison at 321 N. Birch St. for three pygmy goats; Theresia Sutton at 712 N. Evergreen St. for three horses and six chickens; and Todd Randall at 622 Cherry Lane for eight hens;

• Approving a resolution accepting nine in-kind donations and 58 monetary donations totalling $4,350 for the annual All Wheels Rodeo held June 1;

• Approving changes to the fee schedule regarding rental property: rental inspection fee for apartments and multi-family dwellings at $50 per unit and rental inspection fee for single family residential dwellings at $100;

• Approving the receipt of a $25,000 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation for the splash pad;

• Approving a third partial payment to Burski Excavating for work done on the lift station upgrade for $9,077.20;

• Learning that City Engineer Les Mateffy and Council Member Ron Verley went to the Smieja Property in the 700 block of North Birch Street, where the city is buying a portion of the lot for a new well, and agreed to honor current fence lines. The legal descriptions will be changed as necessary; and

• Approving the sale of the recently replaced Crown Victoria squad car online through Kbid.

The next Royalton City Council meeting will be Tuesday, July 2 at 7 p.m. at the City Complex.