Speed sign alerts drivers to how fast they are going

By Terry LehrkeNews Editor

Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel stands near the new speed sign on Hillton Road near 131st Street. It is located about 1 1/2 miles south of the Little Falls Golf Course to alert drivers as to how fast they are traveling in the 40-mile per hour zone.

On Hillton Road in Little Falls, a new electronic speed sign will be visible to drivers headed southbound.

The sign, located at the second 40-mile per hour speed limit sign near 131st Street, will tell drivers how fast they are traveling.

The sign was approved by the Morrison County Board of Commissioners at a cost of $6,500 and was put up last week.

District 3 Commissioner Randy Winscher said when campaigning, he knocked on a lot of doors. “In that area (on Hillton Road) people were especially concerned about speed,” he said.

“I’m a motorcycle enthusiast and get around and a see a lot of these signs and they slow me down,” Winscher said.

The sign can be moved from one location to another easily.

Winscher said he wasn’t the only commissioner who had heard concerns about speeding.

The speed sign does not have surveillance capability, so while it lets people know the speed at which they are traveling, it does not capture the image of the driver or of the vehicle’s license plate.

Sheriff Michel Wetzel said there is a camera on the device for security purposes.

There’s no doubt drivers often don’t realize how fast they really are driving, Wetzel said. When the sign indicates they are traveling too fast, drivers will most likely reduce their speed, he said.

Winscher indicated the county may look at applying for grants in the future to purchase more of the signs to be placed at different locations in the county.