Class of 2013 accepts invitation to the big world

By Brianne Carlson, Guest Columnist

Guess what guys, we’re here. We did it, we actually did it. We’ve made it through 13 years of school and are about to take our last steps, literally.

It seems not long ago we were only little twerps sharing tables in kindergarten, or scrawny seventh graders dodging the big scary seniors in the hallways, but somehow we’ve grown a few inches, passed through the awkward stages of adolescence (Well, most of us — right, Luker?), and learned a thing or two. We have grown into the people we are today, ready to receive and accept our invitation into the big world.

Everything up until now has led us to this moment. The time is here.

We didn’t make it this far on our own though. To our teachers and staff at RHS, thank you for all the effort and time you’ve invested in us. Yeah, it may be your job, but you guys have gone beyond just the title. For instance, Mr. T., you could always be counted on to take time out of class to help patiently as students, myself included, struggled through an assignment.

Or Mr. Makela and Mrs. Menden, boy did you guys like to push us beyond what we thought possible. You really showed us our true potential. You’ve made us confident in ourselves and what we’ll be able to overcome and do in the future (even if it was to the expense of our sleep schedule and accompanied by much complaint.)

And cooks, custodians, paras  and all other staff, you have kept everything here running smoothly and contributed tremendously to this wonderful environment.

Everyone here truly cares about us and has guided us through these years of our lives. We appreciate it.

Our parents, where would we  be without you? Well, obviously we wouldn’t be here at all, but you guys have been our driving force in so much up until now.

Your love and support is what brought us to this gymnasium tonight. You have packed our lunches and listened to our complaints.

And we can’t forget about the endless hours you have spent in the bleachers and stands watching our sports games, plays and concerts; always there to support the most recent addition to the schedule and ready to volunteer or chaperone the next class trip.

You guys are truly amazing, and we hope to make you proud as we venture out on our own.

And finally, I would like to thank  you guys, the Class of 2013. We were neither big in size or numbers, or scary and intimidating as seniors, but we were pretty unique. One advantage of such a small class size is the absence of any cliques or strict groups.We were all one; we always have been.

We all know which classmates may have an unhealthy obsession with Nike shoes (we love you, Megan) and which knows all there is to know about paintball (right, Andrew?) We’ve grown so much together; we’ve shared enough time, memories and achievements to consider ourselves a family.

As time goes on, we will go our separate ways and begin new chapters of our lives, but we can always look back at the Class of 2013. We can remember all the laughs, tears and memories, good and bad, when we were there for each other. Together we grew, and together we accomplished.

Brianne Carlson is the valedictorian for the Royalton High School Class of 2013. She shared this commencement address during the graduation ceremonies, May 24.