Green Prairie Park worth supporting

To the Editor:

In accordance with the article in the Record on June 2, “Improvements at Green Prairie Park,” I strongly urge residents of Morrison County, as well as businesses, service clubs, fraternal groups, 4-H Clubs, etc., to donate funds to assist the park caretaker, Cliff Segler, with the construction of permanent bathrooms.

Generations of area citizens have enjoyed the convenient unique sandy beach and picnic area which are especially appreciated on the hot summer days. The park encourages folks to participate in healthful recreation, as well as a site for socializing and family outings.

Mr. Segler is to be commended for donating his personal time, labor and skills for the project. I cannot understand the Little Falls’ attorney’s assessment that this improvement “is not for the public good.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The city has wasted money to pacify “the village idiot.” Does that qualify for the category “for the public good.”

We should show our appreciation to the Green Prairie and Darling townships for sharing their natural resource, by encouraging financial assistance for this and future improvements at the park. — Norbert Kaiser, Little Falls Township