Help improve the Green Prairie Beach

To the Editor:

I am writing a letter concerning the Green Prairie Beach. I’m sure many people remember fun times at that beach. I was surprised to hear the city would not give one dime for restoration.

About 40 years ago, the city decided to close our beautiful beach and a few of us got together to save it. We asked Rep. Steve Wenzel for his help, and we certainly got it. We went before the City Council and the County Board; it remained open with the help of the two townships. One TV news channel even showed up for a news story.

Thank you Cliff Segler for your letter and hopefully there will be a good response. Where can you go with your whole family to enjoy the day and pay nothing? We must thank the Darling and Green Prairie Townships for saving our beach. Now it is our turn to help. If you can donate anything, many children would appreciate it. — Jeanette Killeaney, Little Falls