Title 1 spending in Little Falls increases during 2012-13 school year

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer


At the Little Falls Scool Board meeting Monday night, Business Manager Nancy Henderson reported there was an increase of $61,778 in Title program spending that was originally budgeted for during the 2012-13 school year.

Title 1 budget increased from $203,173 to $264,951.

Districtwide, spending increased by $20,435, mostly in the areas of administration, salaries, travel, workers compensation, texts, tests, food, payroll deductions and sub contracts. Areas in which the budget decreased included busing and supplies.

At Lincoln Elementary, the increase in spending ($1,988) mostly came from substitute teacher salaries and travel.

At Lindbergh Elementary, licensed salaries, health insurance and health reimbursement arrangements topped the list of increased spending ($33,349).

Dr. Knight Elementary decreased it’s Title program spending by $1,800.

Mary of Lourdes Elementary increased it’s Title 1 budget by $7,806 mostly in the areas of salaries, insurance, workers compensation, supplies and dues. The school did have a decrease in spending in individualized instructional supplies and travel.

Title 1 funds come from the Federal Government. When the Little Falls Community Schools prepare the Title program budgets, it must match expenses to the penny.