As a little boy,  Aymer Nelson remembers riding on the handlebars of his father’s Swedish bicycle, pictured above.  His father, Anton, brought the bicycle from Sweden when he immigrated. When he went back for a visit in 1903, he took it along as transportation to use there.  In 1983,  Aymer and his daughter, Fay Giordano, visited Anton’s childhood home in Sweden. They met a cousin who remembered riding that special bicycle even though she’d been warned not to.  The unique bicycle — whose pedals work up and down instead of in a circle — is now a featured part of the recently reopened “Immigrant Room” exhibit in the Duluth Depot Museum.  While growing up, Aymer spent some summers in Upsala, where he met and later married a local girl,  Verna Nilson. Aymer’s family was chosen to represent Swedish immigrants.