Little Falls man faces five years for making terroristic threats

Mark Gregory Verkuilen, 41, Little Falls, was charged June 11, with one felony count of making terroristic threats with reckless disregard for risk and one misdemeanor count of domestic assault by Morrison County Attorney Brian Middendorf and his staff.

On June 8, Morrison County officers responded to a domestic assault at the Verkuilen residence. The victim said there was a pending divorce, yet the couple was still living together.

The victim said that both were in a bad mood when Verkuilen came home from a graduation party and that Verkuilen allegedly began yelling and slamming doors.

The victim said she decided to pack a bag and stay with a friend. She later could not find her iPad or iPhone and confronted Verkuilen. According to the criminal complaint, they began to struggle and Verkuilen pushed her over a chair.

The victim said Verkuilen then tried to force her into the garage and to a van. He allegedly said, “We are going to end this tonight.”

The victim told officers Verkuilen then retrieved a cased shotgun and a box of shells. The victim then was able to get out of the van and run to the house where she called 911.

When officers spoke with Verkuilen, he allegedly admitted there was a pending divorce and that things were not going well. He told officers he didn’t want his wife to leave the home and allegedly admitted leading her to the van. He denied striking his wife, or pushing her over a chair.

Verkuilen allegedly said he grabbed the shotgun to intimidate her.

If convicted, Verkuilen faces a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine.