Wanted: sign dialogue in LF

To the Editor:

At about 10 p.m. June 10, I noticed a truck parked directly across the street from my house and a young man and woman busily strapping down a large sign in the truck box. Their sign said “I love garage sales, cuz of her I can’t find them,” with a big arrow pointing in the direction of my house.

I placed the following letter on their windshield the next day: “To the guy and gal who parked this truck here, from Robin Hensel (the gal with all the colorful signs), I agree that garage sale signs should be legal wherever people want to put them. Our City Council enforced the banning of garage sale signs, just to recruit animosity toward me. And it’s working.

You and I are having a dialogue though our signs. If dialogue is good, signs must be good. Let’s have signs on every street in town. Feel free to park your truck directly in front of my house, if you like, to make sure everyone knows whom you mean.”

I welcome others to join our sign dialogue. There is plenty of room for more cars out front. — Robin Hensel, Little Falls