Chauvin fails to pay restitution; ordered to serve 21 months

Richard Raymond Chauvin, 59, Little Falls, has been ordered to serve 21 months in prison for theft by swindle. Chauvin had pleaded guilty and been sentenced in 2011 with his prison sentence being stayed on condition he pay $2,385 restitution to an area priest.

Chauvin had only paid $1,050 as of Wednesday’s court hearing. Assistant County Attorney Todd Kosovich and Judge Conrad Freeberg had warned Chauvin repeatedly that if Chauvin did not pay, he would go to prison.

Chauvin missed a payment in May and Judge Freeberg executed the prison sentence Wednesday, June 19, in Morrison County District Court in Little Falls.

Kosovich said, “Defendants need to understand that if they fail to pay back victims, they face consequences including, ultimately, prison.”