Suicidal man charged with making terroristic threats

James Joseph Stanley, 34, Little Falls, was charged May 31, with one felony count each of causing terror by making terroristic threats and reckless disregard for risk by making terroristic threats. He was also charged with misdemeanor fifth degree assault by Morrison County Attorney Brian Middendorf and his staff.

On Dec. 5, 2012, the Little Falls police met with a woman who stated her son, Stanley, was potentially suicidal.

Officers entered the trailer and announced their presence. The officers heard sounds from the rear of the trailer and determined the noise was coming from the bathroom. Through a small hole, one of the officers saw movement inside the bathroom.

The door was opened and the officer allegedly observed Stanley in the bathtub holding a handgun which was pointed at the officers.

The door bounced off something, closed and the officers exited the trailer. The Critical Incident Response Team was called.

Later, Stanley was observed crawling through the living room with nothing in his hands. He was taken into custody.

Officers found the unloaded gun, needles and syringes. Around the bathtub, they found paint thinner, bleach, vinegar and what appeared to be carburetor cleaner.

Stanley’s mother told officers her son had spoken about suicide for the last month and told her how he would do it. She allegedly said it would be by having the police shoot him, hang himself or poison himself. She said she didn’t call police because she didn’t believe him.

Earlier that day, she said she received photos of Stanley  sitting in the tub of chemicals with needles sticking out of his arm.

Stanley was transported to the St. Cloud Hospital at the time..

If convicted, Stanley faces a maximum penalty of one year and one day in prison and/or a $3,000 fine.