TV reality series to star Royalton native

Daniel Sutton
Daniel Sutton

Royalton native Daniel Sutton will be one of the stars of the new reality TV series “Siberia.” The first episode will air Monday, July 1, on NBC Channel 11, at 9 p.m. central standard time.

About the show:

In 1908, an unexplained event occurred deep in the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska. Now, more than 100 years later, 16 reality-show participants descend on Tunguska unknowing of the land’s mysterious past. These contestants, from varied walks of life, will attempt to battle the elements and each other in a quest to survive the harsh winter and claim a large cash prize.

What is initially met with unbridled enthusiasm quickly turns to sheer panic as a series of strange events begin to occur. The contestants soon attribute the occurrences to ruses set up by the producers, even dismissing the death of a fellow contestant as accidental. When a contestant is badly injured and no help arrives, the contestants meet the chilling realization that the strange occurrences are not part of the show. With their safety threatened, competing contestants must band together in an effort to survive.

About Sutton:

Sutton, the son of Theresia Sutton and Dave Sutton, was born in 1985 and grew up in Royalton. He often occupied his time watching films, and his fondness for cinema and the arts continued to grow throughout his adolescence.

He attended college at St. Cloud State University, pursuing a degree in graphic design. During this time, Sutton formed an alternative rock band with a few of his peers as the group’s vocalist, during which time his appreciation for performing vastly grew.

As he neared completion of his degree, Sutton decided to try out some acting courses. It was there the acting bug took hold, and he made the journey to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. Once in Hollywood, he trained at the New York Film Academy and then with the prestigious Howard Fine. He currently resides in North Hollywood, Calif.