Firefighters train during controlled burn

Fire-in-Randall-biggerWhen Dan and Sharon Thilquist purchased their property in Randall, a home built in 1950 and formerly owned by the Peterschick family came along with it. Saturday, June 22, 20 of the 29 members of the Randall Fire Department, and two members of the Flensburg Fire Department, spent several hours in training before burning the home to the ground. Firefighters, dressed in full gear weighing between 75 – 80 pounds, first started fires inside the home and worked together to put the fires out and learned techniques in how to deal with the heavy black smoke. Once the inside became unstable, the firefighters let the house burn, controlling the flames as needed to keep them from getting out of control. It took less than 20 minutes for the home to be completely engulfed in flames. Pictured above are Randall Assistant Chief Scott Wright and firefighter Kevin Dirks on the hose line.

Fire-insideAt right, Randall Fire Chief John Kreuser offers a look at one of the fires set ablaze inside, before the home was burned to the ground. Kreuser has been the Randall Fire Chief for nearly six years and said there are many costs involved in these types of controlled burns. The burns are conducted under strict guidelines from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Grants pay for permits, asbestos testing and  the required Gold Cross Ambulance crew on site. Kreuser said the exercises not only offer insight on how to deal with fires, but also build teamwork between the firefighters and the departments involved. Firefighters stayed on the scene until 1 p.m.

The Randall Fire Department will conduct another controlled burn on a home located at 204 Gulf Ave., Randall, Saturday, July 6, beginning at 8 a.m.