Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

June 14 — A business on Main Street in Upsala was vandalized with writing on the windows.

June 14 — Someone stole a Schwinn bicycle, a Riobi drill with two lithium batteries and a Zipper saber saw from a garage on Hilton Road in Little Falls.

June 14 — Someone stole $500 – $600 worth of 2-foot by 4-foot and 2-foot by 6-foot lumber from a job site on 93rd Street in Royalton.

June 16 — A resident on Degraff Avenue in Swanville reported the theft of their van. The van was later found on Dove Road in a construction zone. A garage door opener had been stolen out of the vehicle.

June 16 — A resident on 223rd Street in Little Falls reported a burglary.

June 17 — A power meter was stolen off a pole near a residence on Circle Drive in Hillman.

June 17 — Someone kicked in the garage door and basement door at a cabin on Circle Drive in Hillman. Two flat screen TVs, a youth ATV, and possible other items were taken.

June 17 — Someone stole an Echo leaf blower, valued at $250, from a garage at a residence on Circle Drive in Hillman.

June 17 — A power meter was stolen from a power pole at a cabin on Circle Drive in Hillman. Other evidence showed attempts to enter the garage and cabin.

June 19 — A car hauler trailer was stolen from a residence on Caroline Lane in Little Falls. The trailer is black with a red speed loader EX on each side, with a hydraulic tilt.

June 19 — A resident on Maple Street in Flensburg reported a theft.

June 19 — Someone pumped $50.10 worth of gasoline at a business in Cushing and drove off without paying for it.

June 22 — Someone pumped $24.51 worth of gasoline at a business on Grouse Road, Little Falls, and did not pay for it.

June 22 — A resident on Walnut Avenue in Upsala reported damage done to their property.

June 24 — Someone smashed an XBox at a residence on 153rd Street in Little Falls.

June 24 — A resident on 175th Avenue, Little Falls, reported a theft from one of their properties.

June 24 — Someone stole a wallet from a vehicle while it was parked at Blanchard Dam in Royalton. The wallet contained the owner’s driver’s license, Social Security card, $15 in cash and a health insurance card.

June 24 — Mail was reported stolen from several mailboxes located along Third Avenue Northwest, Pierz.

June 25 — Someone stole a vintage 1946-1951 gas pump from property on 73rd Street in Pierz. The gas pump is an American Super-Premium, Martin and Schwartz Inc. model and stands about 6 feet tall.

June 25 — Someone driving an ATV damaged land on 330th Avenue in Pierz.

June 25 — A resident on Jewel Road in Little Falls reported a theft.

June 25 — A resident on 73rd Street in Royalton was scammed by someone who said they were a captain in the Army stationed in Afghanistan and needed help. The resident sent the person money on two separate occasions and then received a $2,960 check with instructions to cash the check and send money to the person by money gram. The money grams were sent to a destination in Nigeria. The resident was notified by the bank that the original check was no good and that the resident had to pay back the $2,960.

June 25 — Someone driving a vehicle tore up the yard of a resident on Atlantic Avenue in Randall.

June 26 — The exit gate off the Soo Line ATV exit on 160th Avenue and 83rd Street in Royalton was hit and damaged.