Pierz dog owners: New or renewed licenses due Monday, July 1

By Terry LehrkeNews Editor

In April, the Pierz City Council voted to implement a new dog licensing ordinance, to have all dog licenses and license renewals due at the same time — July 1.

Monday, all dog owners need to either get a license for their dogs, or renew a license for their pet.

Dogs in most cities must be licensed, which protects residents from animals who are not properly vaccinated and helps identify those animals that are pets and those that are strays.

A licensing policy also protects an animal and its owner, as a pet can be returned to its owner should it get lost.

The change was implemented to make it easier for city staff to keep track of licenses, as well as for police officers enforcing the city’s ordinance.

In the past, dog licenses, good for one year from the date it is purchased, created license renewals every month, making it difficult for city staff to send out reminders. It was also difficult for pet owners to remember when to have the licenses renewed.

New licensing tags have been purchased as well.

Accommodations will be made for those pet owners who move into the city or get a pet during a different month.

In April, City Administrator Anna Gruber said that those who move into Pierz in, as an example, May, would be issued a license with everyone else renewing on or before July 1.

If a person moves to Pierz in January, the license will be prorated and the license will have the same renewal date — July 1.

Pet owners were sent a reminder to renew their licenses.

The cost to license a dog remains the same at $10 per year, with the city providing a license tag. Should an owner delay in renewing their license, the fee is doubled.

For more information, contact Pierz City Hall at (320) 468-6471.

Pierz City Council Briefs


Other business conducted by the Pierz City Council Monday, included:

• Approving donating to the American Legion the use of Pierz Park shelter July 10, to hold a meeting and potluck dinner;

• Approving enrolling part-time police officer Mike Taylor into the city’s Public Employees Police and Fire Plan;

• Accepting the resignation of firefighter Mary Schmidt, who is moving out of the area. Fire Chief Brian Boser said Schmidt will be missed. “Mary, such an asset to our department, and a breath of fresh air,” he said;

• Settting Monday, July 15, at 5:30 p.m. as the date and time for a budget meeting and agreed employee review dates will be set at that time, once the Council has discussed its 2014 budget;

• Deciding to hold off on any work to alleviate water drainage behind the Pierz Co-op, until the work could be incorporated as a part of another road improvement project. It was agreed it should be added to the city’s capital improvement plan;

• Learning work on the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) project will most likely begin after the July 4 holiday, possibly July 8; and

• Discussing the possibility of buying banners for the street lights bearing the U.S. flag to be flown from Flag Day (June 14) until Independence Day (July 4).

The Council’s next meeting is Monday, July 8, at 7 p.m., at City Hall.