Take pride in your country

To the Editor:

For those of you that display our nation’s flag daily, I thank you. For those of you that let our colors wave on designated flag days, I also thank you. But for those of you that have the means to fly our nation’s colors (flag pole) and “do not” display our flag, shame on you.

For the last few years I have helped the Hillman Legion on Memorial Day, placing flags to honor our deceased veterans, to whom I am truly grateful. Last year on Memorial Day, I noticed a few businesses in the Hillman area that have flag poles, but do not display our nation’s colors. I stopped and asked them why, but their excuses were poor. Then this past Memorial Day, I noticed they again were not displaying the flag. I was too disappointed to confront them again.

On Friday, June 14, our nation’s Flag Day, I noticed quite a few businesses around our community (not just Hillman, but others) that had the means to display our colors proudly and prominently, but did not. I felt I could not let this pass, so I’m writing this letter to the editor.

I ask, as fellow citizens of this blessed and glorious country, that you notice these businesses and let them know how you feel.

Thank you and wake up America. — Jimmy Boros, Hillman