Green Prairie Park bathroom project nears reality with public support

By Terry LehrkeNews Editor

With support from local individuals and businesses, the addition of handicapped-accessible bathrooms at the Green Prairie/Darling Park is nearly a reality.

Once owned by the city of Little Falls, the park was once known to residents as the “city beach.” Located on County Road 212, about five miles out of Little Falls, it continues to serve as a place for people in the surrounding area to gather during the summer months.

In 1992, the area was turned over to Green Prairie Township and being located between Green Prairie and Darling townships, the two townships share the costs of maintenance.

Under the care of the two townships, a new fire pit has been added, concrete has been placed under the picnic table areas and the lawn area expanded. Every year, the townships try to update or add something new.

Since May, residents from Little Falls to Royalton, Falls Court Dentists, Pine Country Bank and the Platte River Gambling Association have donated to the cause. Tri-City Paving is donating the concrete for the project.

Cliff Segler, the supervisor and caretaker of the park, designed the structure and  will donate his labor to construct the building out of masonry blocks.

Segler, who likes to see places where people can gather to enjoy themselves, also donated his time to work on the bathroom at the Royalton Splash Park.

Segler originally thought the project could be done in June or July, but has refigured his estimate for a completion date to the end of the summer.

The $3,500 raised so far, and the concrete donation, is enough to get the main structure up, Segler said.

“I think if we get another $1,500, I think we could complete the whole project,” he said.

“Come and relax,” said Segler. “There are three barbecue grills for cooking, a new fire pit, a new volleyball net, lots of picnic tables and a sandy beach.”

To donate, make checks payable to Green Prairie/Darling Park, and mail them to: Cliff Segler, 12779 Forest Road, Little Falls, MN 56345.

Donations will be put into a special fund for the construction of the bathroom structure. Should any funds be left over, they will be used for other improvements.