Royalton lift stations keep city workers hopping

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer


After the overabundant June rains, pressure from groundwater had built up to such an extent that a 10-inch plug for future service was pushed right into Royalton’s lift station #5 early June 25.

“Ground water flowed into the lift station along with gravel, rocks and dirt,” Royalton City Council Member Al Libke told the Council Tuesday. “We thought it would be up and running today, but now the pumps are not working and have been sent off to Tri-State for repair.”

The insurance company has already been called to come and inspect the repair, said Mayor Andrea Lauer.

The repair took nearly a week as city workers and employees from a number of area contractors labored to clean out the lift station and fix the pumps.

“During that time, there was no interruption of service to the Platte Wood Addition,” Libke said.

“We owe thanks to Les (Mateffy, city engineer) for dropping everything in the Cities to come up and help,” said Council Member Ron Verley.

Deputy Clerk Michelle Stevens spoke with a representative of the League of Minnesota Cities’ insurance carrier.

“It sounds like everything but the actual plug will be covered,” she said.

While lift station #5 was still down, the pump on lift station #3 failed Sunday, June 30, prompting a trip to Clearwater by Public Works Supt. Lee Popp for parts. Popp and assistant Danny McDougall spent hours working both lift stations.

“They really averted a bad situation for us,” Lauer said.

“We’re trying to find parts to repair the pumps, but if parts don’t exist anymore the pumps will need to replaced,” said Mateffy.