UBA and School Board meet to work cooperatively

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer


Upsala Schools and the Upsala Ballpark Association   (UBA) share responsiblities for maintaining the town’s baseball field. They recently met to pin down certain housekeeping tasks.

“It was a really good meeting,” said School Board Member and UBA liaison Karin Nelson. “We just had never had a meeting. We cleared up a lot of questions.”

Nelson, Supt. Gery Arndt and Activities Director Byron Westrich represented the school at the meeting.

UBA members attending were Mikel Nelson and Darren Lange.

“We talked about lawn mowing,” Arndt said. “We also decided that Byron should be the point-of-contact at the school.”

“We figured out details, like who’s responsible for putting lines on the field on game day,” Nelson said. “We all agreed that the school should take on the smaller day-to-day jobs and UBA can concentrate on the bigger field-maintenance jobs.”

“It’s a mutually beneficial relationship,” said School Board President Dean Peterson.

“We just need to communicate,” said Nelson.


Other business to come before the Upsala School Board June 26, included:

• Approving tenure for part-time music instructor Tara Prout;

• Approving a $1 per hour raise for Administrative Assistant Sherry Soltis on her one-year anniversary. “She’s done a good job and has far exceeded our expectations,” said Supt. Gery Arndt;

• Accepting a quote from Herzog Roofing for $28,860 to perform repairs on the ag shop roof;

• Accepting two donations from the Upsala Lions Club: $3,000 for a basketball shoot-away machine and $500 for the post-prom party;

• Approving a three-year health and safety budget. One planned expense is asbestos tile removal in the cafeteria. “We thought we’d budget half in 2014 and half in 2015 for a total of $20,000,” said Arndt;

• Approving the 2013-2014 budget with expenditures of $3.448 million and revenue of $3.459 million;

• Accepting the resignation of Randy Tretter as assistant football coach. “We thank him for his many years in the program,” said Board Chair Dean Peterson; and

• Accepting a donation of 20 atlases valued at $129.50, for the Geography Bee from the Upsala Lions Club. “Ten were requested, but they found a two-for-one sale,” said Dean of Students Vern Capelle.

The next Upsala School Board meeting will be Wednesday, July 24 at 7:30 p.m. in the high school media center.