Obama trying to curtail our freedoms

To the Editor:

In 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt gave a speech naming the four freedoms Americans cherished: freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear.

On Independence Day we remember the work that our forefathers put into the freedom we cherish. Meanwhile, President Obama is working hard to restrict each of these freedoms. The health care bill is there because some things in it will cause American people to disagree. We busy ourselves talking about these items and don’t notice what else may be happening in Washington.

When the question came up on the fact that the health bill violates religious beliefs, President Obama said, “If they don’t take it on their own, we will force the employers to pay it for the employee.”

He didn’t answer the question; he simply made it clear that he is in control.

Every solution that Obama makes for problems that arise threaten American freedom. It makes for more government controls rather than a benefit to Americans.

The Obama health bill is an unfair tax to be regulated by the IRS.

Where are our elected officials? We trusted and elected them to speak for us. — Jack Zabinski, Bowlus