Annual audit accepted by Swanville Council

By Liz Verley, Staff Writer

Mary Backlund, a representative of Schlenner Wenner and Company explained portions of the Swanville City audit Tuesday and concluded by reviewing some of the recommendations within the report. The recommendations to the Swanville City Council included:

• To develop a written policy and procedures manual for electronic disbursements;

• Refrain from making any donation in the future that is not for the general public;

• Require city employees to sign time sheets when submitted. They should also be signed by the employee’s supervisor;

• Consider performing additional data backup on a monthly basis and keep it off site to mitigate any potential loss from disaster;

• Establish budgets for future years that are more comprehensive and include all financial activity of the city; and

• Reimburse employees at the current federal rate for mileage.

Backlund completed her comments by expressing her appreciation for all the courtesies and cooperation extended by Julie Hollermann, Swanville’s city clerk.