Wanna-be Clydesdale pulls favorite beverages down parade route

Bowlus-Little-Clydesdale“Porky,” a miniature donkey owned by Richard and Sharon Zabinski of Z Saddlery and Leather, Bowlus, showing his desire to want to be a “Clydesdale” like those in Budweiser beer commercials, pulled a wagon full of some favorite summertime beverages during the Bowlus Fun Day parade, July 7. Pictured riding on the wagon is the Zabinski’s 8-year-old daughter, Carrie, while Sharon followed closely behind. Sharon said the cases on the float were all empty to make Porky’s load light. Sharon said Porky did a good job on the parade route. After the parade, the Zabinskis  donated ponies for rides at the Bowlus Park. Other photos of the Bowlus Fun Day parade can be found online at www.mcrecord.com in the photo gallery.