Our rights are being trampled

To the Editor:

Can anyone tell me where all the ammunition has gone? I have tried to purchase some 22 longs and no one has any for sale. I have heard the same story from people from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis. Is this the result of the antis losing their bid for gun control?

Just how many of our rights are we going to stand by and see them trampled on? We have seen how the media and the government are attacking our churches and our morals. Are we going to turn our country into another Russia or China? Is it just a coincidence that our elected officials are not fulfilling their obligation to the voters?

We have seen many events where the voters have been overruled. Is this just a coincidence too? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where our country is headed. We do not have to do anything and will soon see where this administration is leading us into. Who would have ever thought that any country as great as ours could become such an anti-Christian country as we are becoming. — Lester Shaffer, Little Falls