The GOP chose arrested development

To the Editor:

If you’re wondering why the economy has been sluggish, it’s not because of debt and deficits. There is no credible evidence to support this. Of course, it’s popular if you’re on the right and keep spreading the myth — “West Words,” June 30.

We have massive unemployment nationally. The  ratio of population to employed is historically low. This includes people who have dropped out of the job market. Unfortunately, the GOP is ruled by an anti-government, isolationist faction of the party. They  are creating a new group of people who will be dependent on government, the very people they complain about.

If you’re for budget cuts during a bad economy, i.e. “sequester,” which the GOP was, and you don’t like food assistance cuts, see ECM op-ed July 7, sometimes you get what you wish for. — John Snell, Motley