Board should reconsider feedlot

To the Editor:

Why did the Morrison County Board rush into making a decision on the Saehr’s Tier III feedlot — especially when public opinion is in opposition to the proposal? What was the rush?

Why wouldn’t they use common sense and take the time to do a full environmental review? This is not a typical case that fits the ordinary setbacks:

• It is a case that could potentially cause irreparable harm to a “protected” lake in the Morrison County Comprehensive Water Plan 2010-2020.

• It is a case that is extremely close to a medium-density residential area and impacts over 100 property owners.

• It is a case that impacts a public access beach and boat landing at Pierz Fish Lake.

• It is a case that adds another nitrate problem to well water already exceeding maximum levels. Why knowingly add 4,800 hogs to the already high concentration of nitrates?

• It is a case where the proposed hog barn is uphill only 1,450 feet from a natural spring.

• It is a case where manure will be spread in an area of high susceptibility for groundwater contamination.

Why would the Board rush to make a highly contested and “unpopular” decision — that the commissioners themselves admitted was out of their area of expertise — that could cause irreversible damage to our drinking water and our natural resources?

We request the Board reconsider its decision and undertake an environmental assessment before the hog barn goes up. — Mary Pat McNeil, Pierz Fish Lake property owner, Mound