DNR articles right about regulations

To the Editor:

I have to congratulate the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for a great article in their July/August 2013 publication called “Minnesota Conservation Volunteer.” The article, “Where cattle roam and wild grasses grow,” discusses some of the practices which conservationists have been using in many states and countries for probably 30 years.

The ideas were first used in Africa where the Brits attempted to find ways to preserve the migrating wild animal herds. The principles were later applied to cattle grazing in many areas in Australia, New Zealand and the American West, using the techniques of Alan Savory.

There has been much concern lately, and rightfully so, about the government, most federal, overstepping their Constitutional limits, trying to restrict legitimate private industry and agriculture, using environmental regulations. My belief is that many local government employees are sympathetic to local needs and recognize our ability to solve problems without having the feds simply attempt to curtail legitimate land use.

This DNR article shows that many local government employees recognize this. Thanks again DNR for a great article. — Greg Smith, Little Falls