One count of election fraud dismissed against Pike Creek Township woman

In the Seventh Judicial District Court of Morrison County July 10, Lori Ann Krebs, 49, Little Falls, had a felony charge of a fraudulent election day act dismissed.

When the Auditor Treasurer’s Office of Morrison County was processing new registered voters from the November 2012 election, it was discovered that Kreb’s husband had registered and voted both in person and with a mail-in ballot. The signature on the mail-in ballot did not match the signature on the voter registration application, but the address was the same for both.

It was noted that Krebs, who also voted by mail, had witnessed her husband’s signature.

When investigators met with Krebs, she admitted she signed her name and then her husband’s name as a witness. She also admitted she had signed her husband’s name and then her own name as a witness.

Krebs also said she had signed her daughter’s name to the signature envelope and her own name as the witness.

When asked why she did this, Krebs said for the last several elections she has voted for her children and her husband and signed their names on the documents. She stated she was not aware that her husband had voted for himself in person in the Nov. 6, 2012, election.

Krebs also said she did not think there was anything wrong with voting for someone else as long as she knew what their wishes were.

Todd Kosovich, assistant Morrison County Attorney, said the felony charge of misrepresenting an identity during election day was dismissed because Krebs pleaded guilty to one count of felony voter fraud — voting more than once in the same election. Krebs was sentenced to five days in jail plus 15 days electronic home monitoring, fined $285 and given five years probation.

If Krebs abides by the stipulations placed on her by the court during her probation, the charge may be lowered to a misdemeanor.