Uncle Sam wants your data

To the Editor:

Advertising insider Martin Lindstrom’s book, “Brandwashed,” exposes Corporate America’s fanatical collecting of Americans’ personal, buying, Internet and location information, which is continually amassed to create individual personal profiles, all to spur a company’s sales and possibly furnish to innumerable advertisers.

Americans should assume when using credit cards, debit cards and retailers’ “rewards” cards that as much personal/buying/tracking data as possible will be gleaned, as well as extensive stored information from personal computers and cell phones when redeeming digital coupons and visiting websites.

Mainstream media hasn’t explored this “data-mining underbelly” nor its connection to our government’s own  secretive data collecting (including, as recently revealed, all phone records and detailed Internet information).

Consider how government could potentially demand every corporation’s stored customer data, but also ask what government generated/facilitated information do corporations access.

Note a recent Record  editorial stating government “…  EBT (food assistance) cards were implemented to track purchases electronically …” Considering that, what information about Americans receiving government food-assistance and Social Security benefits “on plastic” is Corporate America amassing?

“Facism” is the merging of government and corporate power.

Realize that numerous prominent transnational corporations existing today massively supplied Hitler and his Nazi machine in World War II. — Donna Christianson, Little Falls