Hobson convicted of a subsequent domestic assault violation

On June 25, in the Seventh Judicial District Court of Morrison County, Carlos Antonio Hobson, 49, Little Falls, was convicted of one gross misdemeanor count of domestic assault, a subsequent violation.

On June 9, Little Falls officers responded to a domestic assault. When they knocked on the door, Hobson answered, and was asked to step outside to speak with them.

A woman who was crying came out of the residence at that time and was visibly upset.

One of the officers was told that when Hobson came home, she believed he had been drinking and an argument ensued. She said Hobson pulled her hair, choked her and tried to throw her down the stairs. She said he forced her head into a pillow and held her down. When she said she couldn’t breathe, Hobson, who was calling her names and swearing, put his arm around her neck and choked her.

The woman is currently pregnant with twins and she said she was afraid for her children.

Officers noted a lump above her right eye and red marks on her forehead and neck area.

It was also noted another child was present during the altercation.

Hobson told police the woman was crazy, that she takes his money and tracks his cellphone calls. He also said he had a lock box so she wouldn’t take his money.

He denied the argument became physical.

Hobson was arrested and while at the jail he again denied the argument became physical. He said she choked him.

A routine check of Hobson’s record indicated he was convicted in Stearns County of two counts of making terroristic threats April 5.

Hobson was sentenced to 63 days in jail, fined $135 and given four years on probation.

One felony count of domestic assault by strangulation was dismissed because of evidentiary issues which came up during trial preparation. Hobson had a warrant from Stearns County on a more serious charge.